✍ Franco Venturi [1914-1994]

por Teoría de la historia

3778_200x_northItalian historian of the Enlightenment and of Russia. Professor of modern history at the Universiry of Turin, Venturi was the foremost authority on theEnlightenment in Italy. In addition, his works on Russia history have established him as one of the most wide-ranging of modern historians. He was editor of the Rivista Storica Italiana, the foremost historical journal in Italy. Venturi began his srudy of the Enlightenment with Diderot and the Encyclopédie, and continued with a multivolume study of the eighteenth century’s major thinkers, entitled Settecento riformatore. Venturi was concerned with the evolution and diffusion of Enlightenment thought throughout Italian and European society. Consequently, his work often focused on journalism and the ideal of cosmopolitanism as developed by the eighteenth-century philosophes. His 1969 Trevelyan lectures at Cambridge have been translated into English as Utopia and Reform in the Enlightenment (1971) as have a collection of essays entitled Italy and the Enlightenment (1972). His work on Russia includes a study of the populist and socialist movements in the nineteenth century, and a collection of essays; both works have been translated into English. Venturi’s study on historiography, L’Italia fuori d’Italia, an examination of how non-Italian scholars have dealt with the history of Italy, is the third volume in the Storia d’Italia (Turin: Einaudi, 1973) series.

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