➻ Gareth Stedman Jones [1942]

por Teoría de la historia

gsj_new_lgGareth Stedman Jones is Director of the Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge, and a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge University since 1974. He was Professor of Political Science, History Faculty, Cambridge University from 1997 and in 2010 became Professor of the History of Ideas at Queen Mary, University of London. He was born in 1942, received a BA from Lincoln College, Oxford University, in 1964, and a DPhil from Nuffield College, Oxford University in 1970. Professor Stedman Jones was a Research Fellow at Nuffield College Oxford from 1967-70; a Senior Associate Member of St Antony’s College, Oxford from 1971-72; a Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Goethe University, Frankfurt from 1973-74; Lecturer in History at the University of Cambridge from 1979-86; and a Reader in History of Social Thought at the University of Cambridge from 1986-97. Research interests include Modern European political thought; Political, intellectual and economic history of Europe from the time of the French Revolution; and Victorian London. He has published An End to Poverty? London, Profile Books, July 2004. Columbia University Press, 2005; Klassen, Politik, Sprache, edited by P. Schöttler, Munster, 1988; Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History, 1832-1982, Cambridge, 1983; Outcast London, Oxford, 1971 [reprinted with new preface, 1984; reprinted Harmondsworth, 1992; Open University edition, 2002].

[Fuente: Centre for History and Economics, Magdalene College and King’s College, University of Cambridge]